Die 10 neuesten Publikationen

Nr. Titel Autor Datum, Typ
1 Analysis of differential protein and gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana depending on iron supply and the abundance of the central iron uptake regulator FIT (Fer-like Iron Deficiency-induced Transcription Factor) and investigations on possible post-translational modifications of FIT Mai, Hans-Jörg 31.07.2014, Dissertation
2 Exploring the follicular route for transcutaneous vaccination using nanoparticles Mittal, Ankit 28.07.2014, Dissertation
3 Development of carbon nanotube-reinforced nickel matrix composites: processing, microstructure and physical properties Suárez Vallejo, Sebastián 25.07.2014, Dissertation
4 On the length dynamics of active polar filaments Erlenkämper, Christoph 25.07.2014, Dissertation
5 Design of new protective systems based on the intermetallic compound RuAl Guitar, Maria Agustina 24.07.2014, Dissertation
6 Confinement effects in nanopores : elastic properties, phase transitions, and sorption-induced deformation Schappert, Klaus Bernhard 23.07.2014, Dissertation
7 Screening for myxobacterial natural products : new structures, biosynthesis, and contributions to a comprehensive screening workflow Hoffmann, Thomas 23.07.2014, Dissertation
8 Herstellung und Charakterisierung von Halbleiterkatalysator-Systemen zur Photo(elektro)katalytischen Wasserspaltung Eberhardt, Anja 23.07.2014, Dissertation
9 Inverse rendering for scene reconstruction in general environments Wu, Chenglei 21.07.2014, Dissertation
10 Determining and utilizing the quasispecies of the hepatitis B virus in clinical applications Beggel, Bastian 21.07.2014, Dissertation

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